Ruthcreek cookware the best store fore cast iron cook wares.

Iron is an important element of our periodic table, and you might have studied its benefits in your school too. Researches show that iron is very important to be included in our diet and deficiency in it would cause many iron deficient disorders. Now the question remains, is how you can include iron in your diet plan, because not all veggies and fruits which we consume may have iron in it, and hence you cannot sit consuming only the iron rich fruits and veggies over entire month, because it will literally kill or tastes buds. But here is a solution by which you can include iron your diet.


When you cook any kind of food in cast iron cook wares, even though it doesn’t have iron in it, iron is leached from the cook ware into the food. And in this way you can use wide varieties of veggies and hence include iron in your diet by cooking them in cast iron pans. Although you might have a fear about the fact that this iron is corrosive and rust can cause serious illness when consumed. This is the right part that come layer, but a very thin rust layer is formed when you not use them since years, but rust is hardly developed when you use in regularly. Even if you have your mother or great grandmothers cast iron pans, which are covered with rust, you can just scrub it off, as it won’t harm the pan, just removes the rust and your pan is ready again for use.


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